Skills for the youth

Camp Survival 101 was designed by the Girl Guides Association to share what Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world live and experience and to practically build the confidence in girls and boys, encouraging personal growth and development.

While many believe that the younger campers cannot fully comprehend skills development, carefully designed activities facilitates their exposure to similar activities that their older counterparts engage in.

At Camp Survival 101, the four to six age group is co-ordinated by Ruth Sargeant who along with Counsellor Skylar Gill of New York, assiduously ensures that their young charges are engaged in exciting learning activities every day.

Very focused and opinionated, the youngest members were taught patience through making and decorating jewellery boxes; learning about healthy eating and exercise and making fruit salads; reading and storytelling; making cookies and learning to listen and follow instructions through dance as well as using their creativity through picture making, tye dye, bottle decorating, flower making and flower arranging.

The four to six year old campers joined their older counterparts for several sessions, including presentations and practical activity by Girl Guide members Akila, Chavonne, Odessa, Kerrie and Sachia on “How to make a rehydration solution” and “Creating a water filter”; “Road Safety” by Sergeant Williams of the Royal Barbados Police Force; HIV Awareness by Youth Commissioner and HIV Educator Dereck Oldle and Team Building by Caribbean Healthy Lifestyle Programme duo Zueanna Perry and Youth Commissioner David Brathwaite.

Parents and guardians have all shared positive feedback on their children’s ‘home’ discussions and coordinators are preparing the closing ceremony which will highlight the talents of all campers. The four to six year olds are practicing their musical, dance and spoken word presentations.

Camp will close on August 10, 2012.

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