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The recently launched line up of Mount Gay Rum 750ml PET bottles.

Mount Gay Distilleries Limited recently launched Mount Gay Rum in an innovative and sleek PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) package to meet the various demands of its loyal consumers.

Now available at retail locations island wide are 750ml and 1.75L PET bottles of Mount Gay Rum Extra Old, Eclipse and Eclipse Silver, cleverly designed to provide the benefit of convenience, reseal-ability and reduced weight in the presentation of the world’s oldest and most recognizable rum brand.

The first rum producer to introduce 750ml PET bottles to the market, Mount Gay Rum is also the first to design this style of packaging to mirror the shape of its unique glass bottles introduced in 2010.

Current legislation prohibits the use of glass bottles at major events held across Barbados, thus making the new packaging more attractive to individuals looking to take their favourite spirit to such events.

Brand Manager for Mount Gay Rum, Peter Samuel, reiterated that the new packaging was introduced in an effort to meet the needs of today’s demanding consumer.

“As a leader in the world of rum production we see it as our duty to provide our consumers with premium products in a convenient and attractive packaging to facilitate their enjoyment of the product in any setting.” he added.

“This new packaging ensures every Mount Gay Rum consumer can now take their favourite spirit into any event on the island, whilst making it easier for visitors to the island to take a bottle or bottles of Mount Gay Rum back to their homeland without fear of them breaking while in transit.”

Mount Gay Rum has developed a reputation for creativity and innovation in its role as market leader. Consumers can continue to look out for further innovations as the brand continues to re-affirm its position as the world’s oldest rum producer.

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