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“Ehhh, we nah care if dem like we!… Ah like muhself!” The attention this young woman garnered at Bushy Park on Sunday was unsurpassed and with good reason – piercings like these are not the norm. Some were shocked, others perplexed but through it all, she rocked them and this hairdo, fierce. Perfect example of what Lil Rick sings about – I Like Muhself.

Barbadians are in the Crop-Over mood and the high patronage at events is proof.

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley said today that one of the reasons for the increased support was the early launch of the Crop-Over Festival – last November.

As a result, Lashley added, they were able to market the programmes and activities earlier resulting in significant growth.

“So far for the season we have seen increased patronage for all the events and that has been very rewarding. It tells us it is good to plan early and this year we will do that again. As soon as Crop-Over ends we will start planning for next year.

“For the first time this year we have had a record response to Foreday Mornin’. right now we have a massive number of bands – about 43 bands that will be on the road. Then we have in excess of 20,000 revellers who will be on the road for Foreday Mornin’ … People are in the Crop-Over spirit and they are telling by their numbers,” he said.

Lashley also said that events such as: Pan Fusion at the Ilaro Court, the Junior Monarch competition and Pic-O-De-Crop semi-final had been well supported by the public.

Additionally, given public response to the Crop-Over Gospel concert, he noted, they may consider moving to a bigger location.

“If you had gone to Soca Royale and you were there and you saw the people and you saw the responses I think that people are enjoying the Crop-Over. Crop-Over is a very varied festival; you have the Gospel festival and if you went to the gospel concert at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre we had to move that from the Steel Shed because of the significant out-pouring of support last time and we may even have to move it now from the LESC to maybe a bigger venue like the Gymnasium,” he said.

The Pic-O-De-Crop final scheduled for Friday is also expected to have a large following; however the main issue facing the competition was bad weather.

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