Giving nothing in return

Wow! After reading the Barbados Today dated July 26, 2012, and the statement that Prime Minister Stuart made, carrier under the heading Let’s work harder I can only say: That Mr. Prime Minister is one hell of a statement you’ve made.

From all that I have been reading over the years, and all that I have seen from my returning to Barbados from time to time, sometimes I have to ask myself if slavery will ever be over? My reason for this is that the little man works, but don’t really get an honest wages for all the work that he does.

And for many years women were seriously underpaid in Barbados. Going to school is a very good thing to gain an education, but at the end of the day it seems that only the chosen few are able to live a decent quality of life.

You are asking the people to work harder. What has the Government decided on changing to really make a difference?

Let’s start with expenditure. Let’s do away with so much travelling, and use modern technology to cut down on the expenses of travel. Let’s down size from some of the vehicles that are now being used to get around Barbados that’s only 166 square miles.

When you are making plans for Barbados, or for the people in Barbados, think long and hard on doing more for the little man who is working like a slave for little to nothing, and having a hard time providing for his family even though he has a job.

Try doing more, and I am not talking about hand outs either. I’m speaking about helping him to have a better quality of life. Show him that he matters as much as the others who are working not even half as hard as he is, but having a better quality of life. People deserve decent wages for an honest days work even without a college degree.

Many of the jobs that the little man is doing can’t be done without him. Just having someone to sit behind a desk and give orders to do this or that, and getting paid way more than the man who is doing the actual work, is what’s going to cause big problems in the long run.

Barbadians, I have to say, have lots of tolerance. But when you keep showing that the little man seem not to really count, you are courting trouble. This, Mr. Prime Minister, has to STOP. The shot callers in Barbados have to pay attention, and this situation should have been addressed many years ago.

No one wants to be hungry or homeless while the people who they have put in place to look out for them are living large. Needs can make people do serious things without even being bother about the consequences. So when you are asking for more from the people, and you aren’t making any changes the way that the tax dollars are being spent, I feel that you are asking for too much, and giving nothing in return.

All who have been leaders in the last 10 to 15 years should have made it possible for the little man to receive a decent pay cheque for all the work that he has done, and is still doing.

Some things doesn’t take a rocket scientists to understand. Nearly all who have tried to be elected for Government positions, made so many promises that they have yet to keep.

It’s about time for all of you shot callers to man up to what needs to be done . How can you sleep at night knowing that the choices that you make each and every day effect the little man so?

It’s about time for all of you, BLP, DLP or whoever, to do what’s right for the little man.

— Charles Cadogan

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