Foreday split

For the first time, Foreday Mornin’ Jam has three starting points.

But, bands could find themselves with stricter guidelines for designs next year as the introduction of costumes into the event is receiving the attention of the National Cultural Foundation.

Coordinator of the event, Fran Wickham announced this evening that there would be three different points for different types of bands this year. While there were 22 bands last year, she noted this evening that this year there were 34 playing mas’.

The mud mas’ bands will begin at the BIDC/Barbados Port Inc, area; the second set of smaller bands from the BTI Car Park at the Helipad on Hincks Street and the large bands from the BTI car park near DaCosta Mannings on Lower Bay Street.

Wickham said there will be site meetings with bandleaders at each location tomorrow, beginning on Lower Bay Street with the large bands at 3 p.m. and following that at the helipad with small bands, and concluding with the mud mas’ bandleaders at BIDC on Harbour Road.

She added that at the meetings bandleaders will be given the starting points and route, and would be presented with truck numbers as well as the permissions for loud music, among other things.

This year as well, Wickham noted that the bands will be judged and three top prizes awarded.

“We have three fun prizes, they will just be trophies, there will be no money involved. We are trying to encourage the development of the artform, trying to make people understand that although it is mud, you can still have concept, you can still have presentation.

“So we will have three different types of prizes — we will have Most Traditional Portrayal, Most Exciting Concept and Best Presentation and they will all be judged at the Central Purchasing roundabout. That’s where the judges will be stationed. There will also be a jam tune judging. There will be two places where they will be judged from but I cannot divulge where they will be,” she said.

Additionally, she said she had been asked by the NCF to review the event criteria, especially as some bands were trying to introduce Kadooment elements to the Foreday Mornin’ jam.

“[T]here is Grand Kadooment and there is Foreday Mornin’. These are two separate types of events and I have been brought back in by the NCF to review the entire event to put some guidelines in place so that next year there will not be … where some persons are trying to bring back Kadooment into Foreday Mornin’.

“There is no place for that, so there will be very strict rules and regulations. It has always been a very loose type of event. People would come and jump and so on, but now it is even more formularised now and with 34 bands. We’ve had a couple of amalgamations and we’ve had a couple of casualties that dropped out …, but we want to encourage those bands to continue developing because they in turn can then step in to Grand Kadooment. They would have had a taste of how to develop a band, what to do to create a band and the next step for them would be Grand Kadooment,” the NCF event coordinator stated.

The jump, she said, was expected to last four hours, beginning on August 4 around 1 a.m., following the completion of the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals and dispersing at the top of Spring Garden by SBI Distributors.

In the event that there is thunder and lightning as has been indicated by meteorological officials, Wickham said the event would be postponed until 10 p.m. on the Saturday night.

While there has been a recommendation for the lengthening of the route, she noted that such would not happen this year, but it was one of the things they were looking into going forward. (LB)

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  1. ANDREW BRATHWAITE January 16, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    I think that they can use the garrison for the starting point along bay street on to lower bay street,by that time the bands should be in position to face judges at regular points.On to independence square should be smooth parting on to wharf road on to president kenndy drive judgement all the way to spring garden.Please lets use the garrison it is one of our historial sites,start at a proper time that the bands can be early (and be strick with bands for lateness).Please let get our morning jam up and organize properly.



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