‘We are family’

The two key figures in the Alexandra School dispute which culminated in a bitter strike in January are apparently more than mere work mates.

Head of the school’s Science Department Amaida Greaves today responded in the affirmative when asked if suggestions that she and Principal Jeff Broomes were related were true.

The news came as she gave her final session of evidence at the Commission of Enquiry into Alexandra, held at the Wildey Gymnasium, Garfield Sobers Sports Complex.

Broomes counsel Cecil McCarthy, QC, at the outset of his examination of Greaves, who Broomes had alleged had not taught a class of fourth formers for an entire term, asked her:

“I keep hearing that you are the principal’s cousin, is that correct?”

“I have been told so yes, I have been told by my older brother,” she answered.

The teacher confirmed that her maiden name was Brome, to which McCarthy stated: “I thought I would share that information from the outset.”

During her testimony today Greaves reiterated that she did not have a problem with the principal per s? but the way he had dealt with various issues, some of which affected her personally.

“I don’t have an issue with him, I have an issue with how he conducts business, so to speak, if it is not in keeping with the regulations and students progress. I am not one to curse out, if he shouts I make my exit… I will make a hasty exit if he starts to shout,” she told Commissioner Frederick Waterman. (SC)

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