Soca sweet, sweet

RPB was Feting at Bushy Park.

by Emmanuel Joseph

Thousands of Bushy Park Sweet Soca fans yesterday reserved their most explosive response for Feting, I Like Muhself and We Loose.

Those were the three competing selections, which, not only were the most engaging, but the most spontaneously luring.

They best fitted the winning criteria of performance, melody, voice riding the rhythm, arrangement, lyrics, presentation and crowd response.

It was therefore understandable that the judges put the performers behind those songs – Mikey, Lil’ Rick and Red Plastic Bag – on the top of their list.

The judges liked Mikey the best and as a result, agreed that he should be the 2012 Sweet Soca Monarch.

Mikey, who later retained his Party Monarch crown, accumulated 461 points and earned $7,500,a Kia Rio motor car from MQI, a trophy and $500 dollars worth in clothes from Henrietta’s Closet.

Coming in second was Lil Rick with 439 points and $14,000 in cash.

The third spot went to RPB with 410 points and he received $9,000.

Placing fourth was Khiomal with 385 points and a cheque for $6,000.

The contest really started when Mikey entered the stage at number three, and the sea of people did not need any prompting to get loose.

Fans had already received the message – We Loose.

His high energy tempo-charged and crowd-involved performance was well supported by a presentation where “prisoners” dressed in white broke loose from behind bars and danced “loose” with Mikey.

A giant hand showing the “L” sign for loose made up the backdrop for the jail.

His melodic and contagious rendition had set the standard for the rest of his fellow contestants who followed, notwithstanding the not-so-special offerings of Mas by Biggie Irie and TC’s Whole Day that preceded. The two of them lacked the appeal expected of seasoned acts.

Even before RPB appeared on stage fans were already screaming when emcee Mac Fingal announced Feting.

His honey-coated rendition, catchy arrangement and sing along punchline sent the “massive” into a rapturous song, raised hands and dancing.

That was when the clouds burst and showers of blessing came down for the first time sending hundreds of colourful umbrella in the air.

No one went anywhere but seemed to be enjoying themselves even more, as Bag leveraged the raised umbrellas and urged people put to them even higher while they joined him in Feting.

When it was time for Lil Rick to “do his thing’, there was no doubt how the Bushy Park posse felt about him or for that matter themselves.

I Like Muhself was what they cried as several thousand pairs of hands and voices went skyward, even before Mr Crop-Over appeared in the open.

It was “total chaos” by the time he was well into his performance.

Surprisingly, Lil Rick’s offering was simple but effective and telling.

He held the shouting and waving party people in his hands throughout his “act”.

His immaculate white three piece suit and tails added to his presentation suggesting he really liked himself.

Giving ordinary accounts of themselves were Blood with his Dah Fuh Lick Yuh, Khiomal – I Remember, and Mr. Dale – Galore.

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