King stops City traffic


Newly crowned monarch Mikey (in vehicle) and his Soca Kartel invade Broad Street as part of the promotion of Cohobblopot this weekend.

The streets of the City of Bridgetown were blocked this afternoon for a royal visit.

It all happened when newly crowned Sweet Soca and Party Monarch, Mikey, along with Soca Kartel mate, Blood, made a visit to Broad Street Men’s & Women’s Designer Wear for the launch of Cohobblopot.

The entrance to Cave Shepherd was impassable when the King arrived; his full escort of guards carefully parted the crowd to make way for his entry into the store. It took him close to 15 minutes to enter the building accompanied by the roars and screams of enthusiastic fans and well-wishers waiting as well on the inside.

Soca Kartel was present because they, in addition to a host of other local acts that include Kimberley Innis, krosfyah and Alison Hinds, will perform at this weekend’s event.

Producer of the event, Karen Pastaina said this Sunday’s show would be one of the best ever. It will be headlined by international super star Shontelle and “Mr. Crop-Over” Li’l Rick — who was absent, reportedly due to sickness. However, Ruel Ward, representing Rick, promised an energy filled session that has been dubbed, Hypa Drive.

Pastaina told Barbados TODAY that while she was unable to give specific numbers, she expected the numbers to be the same as last year’s since Shontelle had a varied demographic. She said that the National Cultural Foundation’s website had received many hits from people interested in attending Cohobblopot to witness Shontelle session, called Nothing is Impossible.

With so many talented Barbadians coming to the fore, in the form of Cover Drive, Livvi Franc, Hal Linton and the consummate sensation Rihanna, the concept of this year’s show was to highlight Bajan talent, Pataina said.

“We have decided to have this show as a chance to give a forum for our artists; for the Bajan artists. It opens them to a good and bigger stage.

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