Celebration Time show scheduled for Thursday

The Kensington Oval Management Inc has come out on top of the injunction filed by Celebration Time tent over the Old Hype vs New Hype show that was slated for Wednesday.

Instead, Celebration management reported this evening that the judge had refused the injuction “on the basis that damages would be an adequate remedy in the event that Celebration Time was successful in the civil suit”. As such both parties agreed to settle the dispute between them and the show will now be held on Thursday. Therefore, the National Cultural Foundation’s rehearsal that was at the centre of the conflict will be free to go ahead on Wednesday.

Conflict in dates

The ruling this morning now puts the Old Hype vs New Hype on the same night as Bachannal Time vs D’ Best of Crop-Over also slated for Thursday, August 2, but Celebration Time manager Peter Boyce noted that both sides had agreed that “this resolution is in the best interest of all concerned”. (LB)

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