Workplace woes

This is not your typical love complaint but rather one regarding work.

I have been employed with a company for several years now and have been promoted four times.

A post became vacant and I applied and was short listed for an interview, which went very well.

I was subsequently given the job, which means I have to travel more.

Now this is where the problem comes. After my appointment, a woman was hired as a manager in my department. We didn’t know there was a post open but she started to work, was diligent, and she fit in. But lo and behold she called me into her office for a meeting and told me she is my boss and she realised I don’t treat her with respect.

As far as I’m aware and through the interview I was told I am in charge of the department so therefore I had no response.

I really don’t know what to do.

She has sent me memos subsequently citing me for insubordination and I have no idea what she is talking about.

The last one stated she is going to have me transferred, not to another department, but to one of our overseas branches.

I contacted the CEO of the company and he told not to worry. The woman was transferred to another department within three weeks of that meeting.

Now she is spreading rumours about me. I’m a big man with children.

What do I do?


Since Yuh Asked, RM, my first reaction is to say ignore her. You did not say what the rumours are, but since you linked the concern to your children, I take it what she is saying is personal. If the things you hear are so damaging that you can’t look the other way, then perhaps its time to tell your CEO that you are considering having your lawyer send her a warning letter. The CEO may opt to deal with it himself.

I would suggest as an alternative that if you have not yet done so, you bring your family up to date on what this woman is doing. Once they know and trust you it really will not matter to them what she says.

The thing about people who spread rumours is that they only thrive on seeing their dirty work inflicting pain. If you give them no satisfaction in time they move on to someone else. So, if you have the strength, just let her be and she will fall on her own weight.

Get on with your job, continue to be a valued employee and for sure you will continue to grow.

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