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by Marissa Lindsay


Christ Church Foundation has won two major titles at the Under-19 level this year with the most recent being the Sir Garfield Sobers Schools International Cricket Tournament played on Wednesday at Kensington Oval.

In an interview with Foundation coach Nhamo Winn, he said the victory was a great achievement and, at the moment, the Foundation lads were feeling fantastic about their accomplishments, especially winning their first cup in the Sir Garfield Sobers Tournament.

According to Winn, preparation for the boys started last year November and, up until the Sir Garfield Sobers Tournament, they had continued to train hard.

“We work on specific basics such as our fitness level and other technical aspects of our game,” Winn explained.

However, discipline, according to the coach, was a key factor in the finals against Combermere and he was pleased with how level-headed and focused the players were, especially in their bowling to restrict Combermere to 130 all out in 38 overs.

Winn said 2012 has been a good year for the Foundation cricket team and their victories were just the beginning of greater accomplishments to come. He believes all the guys have what it takes to get to the next level, as long as they continue to play the game consistently well.

The youngest coach ever to win two major cricket titles in Barbados, Winn said he truly believed hard work beats talent at the end of the day.

Losing finalists, Combermere, however based their defeat in the final on fatigue and poor shot selection.

According to coach Ivor Boyce, the players were tired after playing seven days straight of cricket leading up to the finals of the Sir Garfield Sobers Tournament. Boyce also mentioned the fact that the teams’ bowling changes could have been better and, despite the circumstances, he thought the boys played well.

“We were not disgraced because to hold Foundation out to thirty-eight overs when we batted – despite the small total – was good,” he said.

The five-time champions in the Sir Garfield Sobers Tournament will be back next tournament looking to reclaim the trophy, the coach assured Barbados TODAY.

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