RPB: All in the label

Barbados has hit the right note with ragga soca.

However, defending Sweet Soca king Red Plastic Bag said that attention needs to be paid to the labelling of the various competitions.

“I have no doubt whatsoever that ragga soca music is the music that will take our music forward and on to the next level. If you really look at it, everybody can dance to ragga soca music but you realise that when you reach a certain age the faster songs the people can’t dance to them.

“In terms of longevity, when you really check it, there are more songs in the mid-tempo range that remain popular songs through the years that those that are fast. Just imagine too, if I had to start now at an age of 20 and I’m only singing songs that are 160 beats per minute when I reach a certain age how am I going to perform those songs any more? It is just a reality that we have to look at.

“I’m also concerned about the fact that we seem to place more emphasis as it relates to party music to the faster song. You can get a mid-tempo song that can be the biggest party tune in the land. We need to look at how we are labelling these various competitions.

“I’m happy about the fact that Crop-Over is going well in terms of the events that are going on. I’m happy to see that the junior calypso competition came off well and we had a good [Pic-O-De-Crop] semi-final and I’m looking forward to the rest of Crop-Over. I hope that people come out and support it, it’s our thing and if we truly want to make it the world’s greatest summer festival, all hands have to be on deck. We need to come out and support it and feel good about what we are doing,” Red Plastic Bag told Barbados TODAY. (DS)

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