Respect for others

My column has transformed a bit over the years to more of a “for your information” type article, but bear with me for another week, please. I really think it’s about time I gave you my two cents on attitude. It is believed that only us, the youth, have bad attitudes, that we are the only unmannerly ones, and that we are the only disrespectful generation.

But I have met my fair share of rude persons in both mid-adulthood as well as some elderly ones! So this isn’t really a youth column, this is an “every Tom, Dick and Harry” column this week.

Ladies and gentlemen, just because you do not like someone it did not, would not and never will be acceptable for you to be disrespectful or rude to them! I would hope all business people knew this by now, and I understand that children will be petty when it comes to persons they do not fancy. However, when you have reached a certain age and a certain level of maturity, I’d hope you know it is time to throw away the petty antics and deal with people in a cordial and respectful manner.

Onto the persons in mid-adulthood and the elderly population. (Note: this description is obviously not a general one, but a select few I’ve come into contact with, so it may not apply to that entire generation.) There are some older folk, who, in my opinion, think they don’t have to speak when they enter a room of young people.

I know it is the belief that young people should have the utmost respect for their elders, but how are we to show it when you don’t lead my example? How are we supposed to pay the respect due, when we say, “good morning” and you look down at us with a snobby facial expression and carry on about your business?

I don’t know if adults have gotten so tired of meeting disrespectful children/teenagers or if they’ve gotten tired of being disrespected by the few bad apples, but please don’t place us all in the same basket! If you meet a good apple who takes the initiative to exhibit good manners, please have the courtesy to return them. Because with every disrespectful adult we encounter, the less inclined we are to speak to the next.

Nay <3

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