Reason to remember the riots

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart laying his floral tribute.

In recognising the 75th anniversary of the 1937 Riots, Prime Minister Fruendal Stuart is calling for re-education to take place in Barbados.

He was addressing those gathered in Golden Square, The City this morning to commemorate the day of national significance. The events were believed to have been triggered by the deportation of National Hero, Clement Payne.

Stuart said further knowledge of the day, and the profits thereof, were needed because countless people today were taking for granted many of the benefits gained as a result. He said they were oblivious to the sacrifices working class men and women made during the four days in 1937 to ensure that all citizens enjoyed their democratic entitlements.

“One of the things that concerns me as Prime Minister is that we have a few generations now that seem to believe that the rights and the privileges that we enjoy today were handed to us by somebody, and they seem to forget that people lost their lives fighting for these rights and privileges. That people lost their reputations fighting for these rights and these privileges, that people imperiled the prospects of their families fighting for these rights and privileges.

“Therefore, a job of re-education has to take place in this country so that, particularly, a lot of our younger people can understand that we have not got to where we are by accident”.

Stuart stated that back in 1937, even after 100 years of emancipation, nothing much had improved in the lives of poor people in Barbados, but it was a direct result of what he called the “democratic uprising” that a revolution began, hence change was triggered.

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