Norms of Christianity

There are certain standards and parameters for all organisations. Rules and regulations!

The church is no different.

After a conversation with a Christian friend I need to say something else about homosexuality.

We always talk about how Christians are suppose to live with and respond to homosexuals. And I agree that we must be loving and kind and caring and compassionate to not just homosexuals but to everybody.

But we don’t look at how homosexuals and some others are expected to operate within the parameters of Christianity.

When we are in an uncomfortable environment, unless we can’t do any better, we leave and go elsewhere.

There are certain things expected of a Christian and quite frankly if we cannot conform to Christianity then we need to find another religion.

I am not picking on homosexuals because they are the least of the apostles when it comes to sin. We have drunkenness, lewdness, adultery, cussing, and lots of lawlessness that amount to nothing more than sin.

My problem with all of this is that we talk and talk and talk and try to mold and shape and fit Christianity around all these sinful acts.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2

We need to stop trying to make Christianity fit our needs and lifestyles. While God is not stagnant, I am pretty sure that God has not changed his mind and is now accepting sin.

My main issue with this is that Christians seem not to know what a Christian ought to be doing and then people turn the tables and we are the sinful ones. There is too much nonsense going on in society that the church is being forced to accept at the norm.

The norm for who?

If we stand up for what Jesus Christ represented the church would not be split into factions. But we want to rationalise and negotiate. There is nothing wrong with applying common sense to a situation but when we step outside the parameters set by Christ we have problems.

We need to stop calling a spade a bucket and call it a spade.

God expects something from those who call themselves Christian. Christians are those patterning their lives after Jesus Christ. Yes he was loving, yes he was compassionated and kind. But he did not embrace sin in any form.

This is the time of year when sin is most rampant in Barbados and it come in a costume, pretending to be letting its hair down and having a good time.

If we are not going to live as Christians, step off the boat. If the yoke of Christianity is uncomfortable around our necks, take it off and put on one that actually fits.

We are the ones that need to change to fit into the Christian mould instead of beating and knocking the mould to fit us however we are.

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