Kickstarting his career

Renaldo Stuart

by Marissa Lindsay

Barbados’ mixed martial arts middleweight champion Renaldo Stuart will be taking centre stage once again this Saturday in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands where he has a title fight against hometown boy Aarons Sifflet, who has a successful record of six wins against one loss.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY, Stuart spoke about his journey in martial arts, his upcoming fight, and where he hopes to be in the future as it related to his martial arts career.

“I began martial arts at the age of 25. I started with mixed martial arts, and after sometime I decided I wanted more out of martial arts and I went to join the Taekwondo club which I was actively involved with for the past three years,” Stuart said.

Even though the talented fighter has been competing mainly in several local mixed martial arts tournaments to date, his major accomplishment, according to him, would have been his middleweight title which he won this year against Martinique’s Harold Lejuste. However, Stuart said that going to St. Thomas in the USVI would be his first major step in his martial arts career. “Going to St. Thomas would be the step I need to get me to my next martial arts stage because

that would get me a foot through the door for Ultimate Fighting Championship,” Stuart explained. Stuart, 29, said preparation for him both mentally and physically had been very intense. “Going into the international arena, you have to be prepared for almost anything, and those

fighters abroad train seven days a week and I try to do the same where I train five to seven days a week as well,” he said.

The son of St. George said it was an honour to represent his country on the international stage and, come Saturday, he would be looking to put on a good show and make Barbados proud.

Stuart’s instructor, Ken Harewood, said he didn’t believe the gifted athlete could do anything more where training was concerned because he had already put in the necessary work and was well prepared for the fight of his career.

“After seeing him in action in his last fight I believe his chances are really good and I believe he should do well and he will do well,” Harewood said.

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