Guys and girl friends

I believe that all guys should have that one girl friend that they could talk to and really reason with. And I think the really emotional guys need one even more lol.

This is how it goes. Girl and her boyfriend break up because he was fooling around. Her girlfriends try their best to cheer her up by taking her out and telling her that he wasn’t any good for her anyway.

Guy and his girl break up because she was fooling around. Of course these are guys we’re talking about here so they’re gonna laugh at him and tell him about how he get horn, making him feel even worse than he already did.

Fellas, we don’t understand the kinda pressure this really places on us and causes us to end up doing stupid things and placing ourselves in trouble or ending up in an overly embarrassing situation.

This is where the girlfriend comes into play. That’s the one that comforts you and actually listens to what you have to say while giving sensible input. If you try this with most guys it’s gonna be alotta ‘lols’ and making fun at you for how soft you are.

But believe it or not guys need to talk about stuff too. It’s always better to get it off of your chest and who better to listen than a good chick friend.

Trust me when I say it helps — as always I’m speaking from experience. Shout out to Ashley on this one.


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