God's gift to man

A man is just a man,

lacking in beauty and grace

he stumbles along,

feeling lonely and out of place

till one day the heavens open up,

form somber he awakes

and beholds, the eve of true elegance

a wondrous gift in his face

so sweet and so delicate,

to his manly embrace

his heart fills with passion,

which had never taken place

he drops to his knees and thanks God for his gift,

a promising vow that most soon out live

a special flower,

to have and to hold

oh God, how we are so unworthy,

of a gift, so precious, so bold

her touch is so tender,

her beauty like gold

her arms though they be fragile,

secure me, a fortress of stone

man has no idea,

the truth goes on untold

how much God truly loves us,

in granting such a treasure to behold

a gift continually giving, an extension of life

Oh God thank you so very much,

for your gift of the woman, the wife…

~ Gary J Silva ~

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