Be the bigger person?

It’s not every time that you and a good friend, or a loved one argue about something that you will want to be the bigger person and decide to patch things back up. It’s not every time that you will want to be the person to make a joke to break the ice, to say something to lighten the tension in the room or to turn the relationship around.

Why are people so “hard-headed” that it’s so hard for them to pull their big boy/girl pants up and be the bigger person? I mean someone has to do it, but why us all the time??

Being the bigger person is hard; in some situations it’s a lot harder than others. I mean, not everyone wants to just let go of what has happened, forgive and just move on, or even if they want to do so, it’s not as easy as it seems.

However, we all know that someone needs to be the bigger person. So don’t bring yourself to their level, focus your attention on something else to cool off, and just be the bigger person. This will help things to run smoothly, or well, better, in the long run…


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