Baby abandoned in shopping cart

Allison Niemeyer.

OCALA — This is one mother who won’t be up for any “Mom of the Year” awards.

Two women leaving a Florida Walmart were confronted for allegedly shoplifting. In the video above, you can see one woman bolts immediately, leaving her one-year-old child sitting in the shopping cart. The baby’s aunt initially starts to drag the cart into the parking lot, but then she takes off too.

“When the loss prevention officer asked her, ‘Are you going to come get your child?’ she said, ‘It’s not my child. It’s not my child.’ And she continued to leave, and then they both abandoned the baby,” said Sergeant Chas Maier.

Police caught up with the women the next night. It turns out the baby’s mother was on probation and under house arrest on a home invasion conviction. Both the mom and the aunt are in jail. The baby is in state custody. (

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