Two-week ease

John Roett

I’ve noted it before but I’m feeling it now and you know what they say — who feels it knows it.

The introduction of the two-week break between semis and finals is so important I’m already wondering how we kaisonians managed with just one week in between.

Getting quotes for planned presentations and actually getting them done, getting people and money together, the whole kaboodle, is really time-consuming. I’ve been running around all week getting things in order and I’m by no means finished. When you add in rehearsals and your other normal business, that is stress self.

I previously congratulated the NCF for instituting it and again I do. I’ve been told, though, that it was my longtime buddy and Deputy Chairman of that august gathering, The Beach Cabinet, John Roett, who put forward the idea.

Well done, Johno. I’m reaping the benefit of your wise suggestion right now.

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