‘Batman’ visits injured

‘Batman’ star Christian Bale (second left) during hospital visit yesterday.

LOS ANGELES — Christian Bale, the actor behind the Batman mask in The Dark Knight Rises, visited victims of last week’s movie theatre shooting as they recovered at an Aurora, Colorado, hospital yesterday, a spokeswoman for the facility said.

Emily Crowley, spokeswoman for the Medical Centre of Aurora, confirmed that the movie star was at the hospital Tuesday afternoon but did not give any details.

Bill Voloch, interim president of the medical centre, told The Denver Post newspaper that Bale spent about 2.5 hours at the hospital, where he met with five people still being treated for their injuries. Two others victims came from a different facility to meet Bale, Voloch said.

A picture of Bale posing in the hospital next to a young man, identified by the Denver Post as victim Carey Rottman, was posted on the newspaper’s website and on Twitter. (Reuters)

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