Guyana bridge collapses

Chaos ensued shortly before the rush hour yesterday morning, when a section of the Demerara Harbour Bridge collapsed, after two temporary pontoons located at the western end of the bridge sank, leaving thousands of commuters and vehicles stranded on both sides of the river. The pontoons were facilitating maintenance and rehabilitative works.

The 34-year-old structure (commissioned July 2, 1978) is the main link between Regions Three and Four, or more directly the capital city Georgetown and West Demerara, as well as the nation’s largest county, Essequibo.

While no one was reportedly injured in the frightening mishap, minibus driver Clyde Clarke barely managed to prevent his vehicle from disappearing into the murky waters that enveloped the section linking the two affected spans. The other 14 passengers on the bus had already frantically jumped from the vehicle. (Kaieteur News)

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