No band can stop this jam


And if others think that the economic recession will be an excuse to stop this veteran band owner from effectively producing one of the best small bands at the National Stadium, then they have got another thing coming.

Last Friday afternoon, band leader Roseann Lewis was certain that both her junior and adult Bush Hall Masqueraders Band would make an appearance at the Junior Kadooment and Grand Kadooment, July 28 and August 6, respectively, even though, for her the number of participants was decreasing since the economic recession started.

While at her band house, Bush Hall, St. Michael, the busy Lewis took time to explain to Barbados TODAY her hopes for her band this year, and the few, but hard, challenges she and her first time assistant Shen?e Knight were facing.

Besides the high cost of material Lewis said it was difficult to get people to join the band.

Knight interjected saying that people came, looked at the costumes, expressed their liking for them, but were still holding back from buying, even though Lewis offered a good package and the cost was as she described it, inexpensive.

Costumes for children were $95 while adult costumes were priced at $300 and $350. Lewis said the junior costumes were almost finished and she was halfway with the adult ones.

With no sponsorship, Bush Hall Masqueraders survives on a subvention from the Government and money from their band owner’s pocket.

On her inspiration for the band’s theme, Lewis explained that she played around with thoughts of Barbados, Crop-Over, the sugar harvest, King Dyal and the national bird, the pelican,.

“Then we looked at the flying fish, so we touched every area,” she said.

This year there are equal numbers in each section of the band.

The themes of the junior band are Bajan Treasures, King Dyal, Cane Cutter, Flying Fish and Pelican, while the themes of the adult band are Royalty, Africa In Us, Water, The Blood Our Ancestors Shed, and Characteristics of Barbados.

Lewis who is also a chef and was playing mas for 25 years, stated that the most exciting thing for her during parades was winning, and achieving her goals.

“My band is different in a way by coming together with one another. Nobody don’t be grumpy with nobody or nothing so, everybody is friendly on that day. We are a community band, but we are more like a community when we come that day,” she said.

Knight said her experience was different.

“You got to make sure everything is set, all of the costumes, the beads, the feathers, everything aligned well and identical. Then I help getting other people to assist, they come on evenings. We have been getting a lot of help. The experience has been good.

“As you can see it’s hard work — it only look easy. I thought it would have been just easy but it’s a lot of cutting, and trimming, and sticking, and gluing to get every little detail to look how it’s supposed to look,” she said, and added that this will be her first time jumping.

Lewis said her most rewarding part of the business was seeing her band on the road. (AA)

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