Lick It!

by Kimberley Cummins

Popsicle, Gabby coming fuh yuh!

This evening after drawing position number one in next week’s MQI/Banks/LIME Pic-O-De-Crop Finals, the nine time calypso king warned the defending monarch to be prepared for licks.

Popsicle, having drawn number two, is sandwiched between Gabby and his tent mate Red Plastic Bag, but Gabby for one loves the position. In fact, he said it was exactly what he wanted, to “sandwich the Popsicle” between himself and RPB.

“That is what I wanted. If I had pulled anything else I would have exchanged to ensure that I was coming directly before Popsicle. I wanted it so and to have me pulling in front is even better. Number one is one of the hardest positions on finals night, but I love it.”

The reigning King Popsicle however tossed off the threat and promises, saying he is not concerned about Gabby’s threats to “melt the Popsicle”.

“I don’t mind Gabby and Bag coming near me. In fact, it makes me feel important. People will definitely see me between the two stars,” he commented.

Gabby said he firmly believed the front position gave him the opportunity to show what he could do with his two songs.

“I gine really show de crowd what I can do with number one. In fact, and quote me on this, I half-sing my songs the other night, but as usual I will sing de full thing at finals. I gine bring de heat. I want to prove that I am that good at number one. Some men will tremble at number one but I am the real thing.”

Popsicle meanwhile was comfortable with the challenge. In fact, the reigning monarch said it was not at all about what position he was placed in, it was about the material he was bringing.

“I have no problem with being in position number two behind Gabby and ahead of RPB. At the end of the day it has to do with the songs you are bringing. If you are confident with your material then it does not matter where you fall, you don’t have to worry.”

The king however, did not rule out the possibility of making some changes to what he would sing.

“I may make a last minute decision on what I will do. That is the good thing about the break, because everybody basically has two weeks where they can dip into the cookie jar, so I will use the time to make a final decision and see what I come up with.”

While his competitors were talking tough, nine time monarch, RPB, told Barbados TODAY he was satisfied with the number pulled as he said he believed it was a gift from God. When asked if he would change any of his songs, with a smirk, he said he was keeping his options opened.

Performing at number four will be another former king in Adrian Clarke, he seemed fascinated and said though he would have preferred seven he would “come to the fore with four”.

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