Praise on the streets!

by Marcia Weekes

Most people do not associate God with entertainment. Our perception is that in order to have entertainment, we must shut God out so we can be “free” to enjoy ourselves.

When you think deeply this just does not add up because it is He who made us with the capacity to be entertained and also to create entertainment. Why then would we possess these gifts of music, art, design, physical prowess and all the attributes we love to see and enjoy?

The church has over the years relegated God only to the sombre and spiritual depths, never coming up for the air of entertainment.

WalkHoly was commissioned to put God back in culture. We all know that nothing can be evil about the tool, but the issue rather is those of us who operate the tools. Crop-Over is a tool crafted to grant the people a period of relaxation and celebration after a successful harvest. God wants to be in the middle of this and celebrate with us. We have seen this over and over in the Bible with His people, the Jews.

Over the years, WalkHoly has demonstrated the same excitement and exuberance as we celebrate the Crop-Over Festival with culturally relevant depictions and praise on the streets. The masses get to see and hear us worship and praise God in our culture without being lewd or crude — all the while enjoying the liberty afforded to us. WalkHoly challenges the nation to enjoy the festival in a way that does not displease God our Creator. The Bible makes it absolutely clear in Proverbs 14:34 that righteousness promotes a nation but sin bring a nation to shame. We believe that we must remain as a beacon in a dying world.

When we first entered the Kadooment Day celebrations in 2001 we were violently castigated for such an unholy act. It was then NCF Chairperson Dr. Allison Leacock who encouraged us and declared WalkHoly was a blessing and should go out as the first band to bless the day. Due to the excellence of our band and without entering to be judged, we won many of the prizes of the bands.

Contrary to popular belief that we would become a laughing stock of the festival, people have indicated that they come out especially to see and enjoy the WalkHoly band along the Kadooment route. This is very evident as many persons along the route join us in praises to God. Every year without fail persons who have not registered with the band make the trip to Spring Garden alongside WalkHoly.

On the Saturday before Kadooment, we walk the route and pray. We pray for protection of the people, for God’s blessing on our nation and that people will open their hearts to God’s will in their lives. We also station prayer tables along the route on Kadooment Day, where people can obtain Christian literature and receive prayer. Believe it or not, the prayer tables are very busy and most of our thousands of pieces of literature are taken, but never litter the streets. People respond to us well.

We are looking for persons who know how to praise and worship, to join the band or to help in manning a prayer table. Call us at 426-2443 or 245-0396, or email us at to register.Food is provided after the worship when you purchase a costume.

We will be praising to Party Monarch contender from The Experience tent, Slim Jim (James Leacock) with Worship Yehweh, De Apaches also from The Experience with You Are Great and De Warrior’s There’s Only One Name (is Jesus) among others.

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