Operation lose tummy!

“Ten! Eleven! Twelve! Oh gashhhhhh! Just three more to go then I can take a break… Thirteen! Fourteen! Fifteen! ” Panting heavily, Sharon gets up from the sit-up position and wipes her face with a towel. Thinking that sit-ups are probably the most horrible exercise, she takes a sip of water and returns to that dreadful position.

“Oh how I wish that I didn’t eat that macaroni pie and fried chicken for lunch,” she said to herself as she began the exercise and the counting that went with it

It’s that time of the year, oh yess it is, you know that time when you go to the gym like you normally do and see a million and one new faces that are just there to shed some pounds fast OR just to lose that tummy. I mean can you really blame them? I would want to look great in my costume for Crop-Over too.

However, operation lose tummy needs to start wayyy before the Crop-Over season begins in order to be successful. So, instead of waiting last minute, start exercising from earlier and instead of “forgetting” to go to the gym after Crop-Over, continue with it, so next year you are more than ready!!!


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