Knowing when and where

In Ecclesiastes chp. 3, we learn that “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…”, but to me, it seems as though quite a few people missed Sunday School the day this lesson was being taught. Either that or it went, “straight through one ear and out de next”.

Whatever the reason is, I find that way too many people lack the knowledge of when and where nowadays. I’m not sure if it is just Bajans or if it is our generation on a whole, but people seem to be unaware of the appropriate protocol in certain basic situations. I’ll give you a few examples.

* One’s attire for school, especially at tertiary level institutions. It happens in secondary schools as well, but because of the uniforms, students’ ability to alter their dress is minimal. However, at tertiary level institutions, where you decide what you want to wear, students take it overboard!

Dresses that barely cover their assets. Short pants that reveal what is supposed to be hidden. Shirts cut so deep that it leaves nothing for the imagination. Even one or two girls in heels. The boys can overdress too (with their sneakers for example), but they seldom do. Ladies, you’re going to learn, leave the party dresses for the parties!

* Cellphone use. You shouldn’t be in a formal setting and using your cellphone. It is rude! You shouldn’t be carrying on a face to face conversation with someone and wiping out your cellphone to type. It is rude! You shouldn’t be driving and sending text. It is unsafe! Ask to be excused to make a call or pull off the road to send your text. It’s as simple as that.

* Meaningless, jokey conversations; they can’t be held all day, everyday. When we get with our friends we tend to become jolly, sporty and very loud, but it isn’t everywhere that that behaviour will be appropriate. If you’re sitting in a class or at church, for instance, leave the pointless conversations for after. Not only are you missing information, but you’re distracting those around you. That is rude!

There are so many others I could list, but I’m pretty sure that if you stop and think about what you’re doing, who you’re around and where you are you’ll be able to assess whether what you’re doing is appropriate or not. It doesn’t take much to evaluate it, so be considerate to others ad think about it next time!

Nay <3

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