‘Eggsilarating’ for Bim

Showing off the big cheque.

A Barbadian television show about cooking is attracting growing attention from the local, regional and global culinary community.

Produced and directed by 1982 Richard Stoute Teen Talent Monarch, Darin Holder, Eggonomics, for the first time last year, cemented this island’s reputation on the international scene for promoting the use of eggs – beating 50 countries, including the mighty US, Canada and Britain, to win the Eggs Commission International Awards in Washington.

Wendell Clarke of Chicmont presented a power point of Eggonomics to show what Barbados was doing in pushing egg consumption. This September, Barbados will be defending its crown by attending the international event where there will be a presentation on Eggonomics Street Heat TV Competition 2012.

The local Street Heat version, which was won by Debbie Hughes, has already brought her fame and $5,000 in fortune. Hughes’ winning recipe of pulled chicken, cassava cakes and caviar made from tamarind, has cooked her up a barrage of congratulations from just about every and anyone she met, as well as requests to share the recipe and even give some cooking lessons.

She told Barbados TODAY that while she loved food, she was not keen about cooking every day or teaching people to cook, unless it was to help young persons develop themselves in this area.

“I have a passion for food and different flavours in cooking. I like experimenting a lot. I don’t enjoy cooking every day, but I like cooking special meals and trying new flavours from different cultures,” she pointed out.

Hughes explained she would sometimes read three to four recipes in order to cook one dish. However, Hughes added invariably she ends up concocting her own version of a dish.

“I like breadfruit cooked anyway at all. In fact, I’ll be making some breadfruit soup this week. Breadfruit is the most versatile fruit you can find,” she declared.

Sweet potato fries was another favourite Hughes enjoyed making. She noted that it was becoming increasingly popular in Barbadian restaurants. As a result of winning this year’s Street Heat Eggonomics contest, she would be afforded the opportunity to repeat her successful dish during this year’s internationally-recognised Rum, Wine and Food Festival in Barbados.

About her victorious recipe, Hughes, who observed that she was very competitive, explained how she took her game to a new level by using Indian spices to infuse a more exciting taste and presentation to the chicken, which could be pulled from the bone.

In the first round of the competition, she did a souffl?.

Meanwhile, Barbados’ efforts at showcasing its culinary prowess, is far from over. The island’s top mixologists were currently mixing up varieties of drinks on national television every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The programme, another production by Holder, and dubbed In The Mix, has brought together seven professional bartenders from Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, to highlight their talents. (EJ)

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