Class at the Oval

When the school bell rang last night at Kensington Oval, hundreds of “students” reported for class.

It was Wadadah’s annual Back to School fete, which saw students from several schools in the country and as far away as Denmark in attendance.

Pre-schoolers with lunch bags in hand, primary and secondary school “students” with braids and lollipops all came out to have a great time until school ended at 3 a.m.

And to keep them in check, they were teachers with straps and rulers who were ably assisted by the prefects, head boys and head girls, who wore their badges proudly.

Brownies, Girl Guides, Cubs and Boy Scouts, a janitor with a broom in town and even a bus driver attended the event at the cricketing mecca.

Their parents would have been proud as most of the boys had their socks pulled up by their knees, the girls wore their ribbons and had a range of character bags.

Those who got thirsty were able to quench it with sno-cones and suck-a-bubbies, some with rum.

Under the instructions of Gorg, Yannick Hooper, Lil’ Rick, aka Hit Rick, and Unda Dawg, Edwin, Khiomal and krosfyah, Peter Coppin, Mr. Dale, Kirk Brown and Sanctuary who sang some of the most popular songs, those at the assembly had a ball.

The Soca Superman, Alvin Toppin, also added to the hype of the fete which several people described as great.

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