All-clear given

Roderick Waterman

Two previously banned Barbadian bodybuilders have been given the all-clear to return to the sport.

The National Anti-Doping Commission (NADC) today announced that Martinus Durrant and Roderick Waterman had returned negative analytic results from the commission’s out-of-competition testing programme and were now free to return to national competition at all levels.

Two years ago Durrant, the then Central American and Caribbean bodybuilding overall champion received a two- year ban and was stripped of his title after testing positive for performance- enhancing drugs at the championships in Grenada.

Three other champions also failed drugs tests then, namely Bermuda’s Ross Caesar, Jamaican Phillip Clahar and Juan Carlos Vega, of Puerto Rico.

Durrant, 39, had two banned substances showing up in his sample – the anabolic steroid Mesterolone Metabolite and Acetazolamide, a diuretic. Prior to being caught cheating, Durant had also won Mr Bridgetown and Mr Barbados titles.
Waterman’s sample showed evidence of the anabolic steroids stanozolol, bolderone, clenbuterol, and mesterolonemetabolite. He also had a high testosterone/epitestosterone ratio of 18:6. The acceptable ratio is 4 or below.Waterman, also banned in 2010 for two years, had tested positive for a range of prohibited substances. A relative newcomer to the sport at the time, Waterman returned positive results from an unannounced urine test conducted on April 24, 2010, during the staging of the Mr Bridgetown Bodybuilding Competition at Combermere School.

Waterman was second in that year’s Mr Bridgetown competition, after taking the Mr Novice title in 2009. However, authorities mandated that he forfeit any silverware and or money which he might have won at the competition.

The NADAC, in its release today, also revealed that not only had Barbados’ athletes at this year’s London Olympics tested negative for drugs, but tests of participants in the Barbados secondary Schools Athletics Championships had

all come back negative. The NADC said it was pleased to announce that “all” of its in-competition doping control tests related to Barbados’ Olympic athletes had been returned negative.

”This follows similar results from the Barbados Secondary Schools Athletics Championships held in March 2012,” the release indicated.

”The Commission continues on its testing programme either randomly, out of competition or in-competition for all sports and continues to encourage Barbadian athletes to work hard for success without the use of enhancing or prohibitive substances,” the agency declared.

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