Too much price gouging

Crop-Over is in the air and most of us are already enjoying and will continue to enjoy the fetes and other events. What I do not understand is why I should be paying $4 at a bar for a Sprite, which was the case at a fete I attended recently.

I have asked about this and I was told the pricing is that way as they buy the drinks wholesale for $2 and they also have to take into consideration that you are given a cup and ice along with the drink. To me that excuse makes no sense. I could understand if you were not charged an entrance fee and you wanted to make money off the bar you may increase the price — but I had to pay to get in.

In Barbados as a whole, everywhere you go prices vary from supermarkets, vendors, gas stations and bars. Where is the Fair Trading Commission on these issues? Why should any establishment be able to choose what the price will be on each item.

To be honest, this is getting out of control. I remember going into a popular shoe store and I saw that the price tag on the shoes was quoted in US dollars when I got to the cashier in the system the shoe cost a different price. Please bear in mind that there was a $25 difference in prices. I was so annoyed I called the manager, only to be told that nothing could be done.

When will we stand up and say enough is enough when it comes to some of these merchandisers. I will never understand this at all. Why the same item should be sold at two totally different prices is beyond me.

Why should I be going to one vendor at the same event and one hot dog is being sold at $5 and the other at $7? Why should prices on drinks be raised at any establishment when a Crop-Over activity is hosted there? We in Barbados let too many things slide.

Another major thing that no one looks at is the taxis on our roads. Two persons will charge you two completely different prices to go the same location. To me the only taxis that have any sort of structure are those that come from the airport since they are given the prices they are to charge to each location.

Stop an independent taxi on the street and you will definitely see what I am speaking about. When I used to live in Trinidad each taxi had the Government tariff displayed at the front of the vehicle and they were not allowed to vary that price. How many taxis do you see here in Barbados with the Government tariff displayed?

We really need to get our act together if we want to be taken seriously in the Global community. Sometimes we think that we are so advanced but when compared to other countries we can fall short. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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