Nothing to do with race

One of the regular contributors to the Press has stated that racial discrimination still exists and refers to recent happenings in the US where Congress has impeached the Attorney General and has questioned the president about his use of executive privilege in banning the release of documents concerning “Fast and Furious”.

I will not stick my neck out for any politician, but I am of the opinion that this impasse has absolutely nothing to do with race.

In its endeavour to win the presidency of the US, the Democratic Party was introduced to Senator Obama, whose ability to read the teleprompter was second to none and whose eloquence compared with the best. The gentleman was fresh, apparently full of ideas, had a clean record and whose ethnicity was perfect, being mixed black and white.

The big problem was that Senator Obama had absolutely no experience in the necessities of running a country, especially the supposedly best and most powerful in the world.

A few weeks before the 2008 election I spoke with a policy maker in the Democratic Party while on a visit to the US and one of the group asked who would make the decisions and manage the country when Obama became president. The answer was made without hesitation: “He will be told what to do, the party hierarchy will be very evident.”

While President Obama must take some blame for the lacklustre condition of US, the real blame should be borne by the party’s leaders. Winning the election is almost as important as the country’s well being.

The US attorney general, of Barbadian parentage, a decent man with a strong Barbadian-type upbringing coupled with a firm education gained in the US, was a good selection, but his party is making a scapegoat out of this man, not the Republican Congress.

Eric Holder, when quizzed by the committee about “Fast and Furious” said that he was not aware of the operation for almost a year, and I believe him. He also condemned the operation and ordered that it be halted, and promised full cooperation. His hands have been tied and he is being held in very bad light. His party is to blame.

I cannot say who is the real culprit in this matter. I do not believe that it is either the president or the attorney general, but more likely to be a big shot decision maker who has made a substantial error, possibly deliberately and is not prepared to take the blame.

As far as racial discrimination is concerned, facts show that the majority of persons who voted for Obama were White and Latinos. The scrutiny of the two most important persons in the US, both dark skinned, in my opinion has nothing to do with race or colour — it is simply pure politics.

A few good friends of mine, all white, told me in 2008 that although they were Republicans, they were voting Oobama. They were fed up with Clinton’s White House and the scandal and they did not care for George W. Bush. They felt that Barack Obama would bring some integrity back to their beloved country. I do not believe that he has been allowed to fulfill their hopes. America is in a bigger mess than it has ever been in.

Dirty politics will now show its head. In an effort to divert from the real state of the economy, the financially crippling Obamacare and the inefficiency that is evident in the US, we can standby to hear from Rev. Al Sharpton and other paid agitators spouting racial discrimination from the highways, byways and even the roof tops.

Unfortunately the Democratic Party always uses this tactic and it only works with a very few of the citizens. More and more African Americans realise that their lot is far better under Republican management.

— John B. Simpson

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