My unfininshed poem

This is my unfinished poem, set in rythmic rhyme.

It does not have an ending, for now is not the time.

For my story hasn’t ended, it unfolds from day to day,

And my road has many crossings as I travel on my way.

Each crossing is a story–each is its own,

Every one a blessing, yet to be a poem.

So, how do I end this? Well, today YOUR path I’ve crossed,

And the blessing that I have for you is to find out if you’re lost.

Jesus gave His life for you, to cleanse you of your sin,

Repent today, for He’s the way so just invite Him in.

Yes, Jesus loves you dearly, please make your heart His home,

Then you can take Him on with you as I continue with my poem.

And as for me, I’ll travel on, writing verse and rhyme,

This story doesn’t end here, for now is not the time.

— Bonnie David

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