More rules for 2013

Roberts’ Manufacturing Foreday Mornin’ band leaders take heed – new rules and restrictions are coming in 2013.

This assurance came today from producer of the event, Fran Wickham-Jacob. Speaking with Barbados TODAY at the Frank Collymore Hall, she said that while there were “just a handful” of band leaders bringing costumes “too reminiscent” of Grand Kadooment they would manage it before it got out of hand.

“I am here to make sure there are guidelines. So next year there will be specific rules and an outline to what the event is all about so people can have a clearer understanding. It is supposed to be a stepping stone into Grand Kadooment for new band leaders to develop their entourage, their following and then they step into Grand Kadooment.

“There will certainly be some. I wouldn’t say regulations, but restrictions, next year.

“In Foreday Mornin’ there is room for costuming but it depends on the creativity, I think what people are complaining about is that the costumes are looking too similar to Grand Kadooment and we definitely don’t want to bring Grand Kadooment into Foreday Mornin’. So we are working on educating the new bands on what Fore Day Mornin’ is all about. “It is really an old mass, jump up put on some old clothes, paint up and mud up – that is simply what is was to be. If people want to make it a little prettier that’s acceptable, but when you take it to the level of Grand Kadooment that is totally unacceptable,” she said.

The number of bands this year had risen to 38, over the 22 from last year, and with close to 20,000 registered jumpers Wickham-Jacobs said an extension of the route was being considered to accommodate them and they were working very closely with law enforcement to ensure their safety.

“I am presently waiting for permission from the police as to what we can do with the route. Security has definitely increased – those two unfortunate incidents were accidents, they happened a long time ago and we have never had anything like that since.

“Since we have increased the security of the trucks they are properly outfitted now so the likelihood of those types of incidents happening now is most unlikely. We have also secured the gutters; they have been covered all along Princess Alice Highway. That was the area that was pretty dangerous and that has been taken into account. We have also put bathroom facilities at the beginning points, so we are taking good care of our jumpers,” she said. (KC)

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