Simple etiquette

I would like to first take this moment to wish all the semi-finalists and finalists in the various competitions the best of luck. As they say in show business, go break a leg. Most of all to the “Eager 7” of Cave Shepherd All Stars Tent I extend the best there is to offer to that team. A great effort was put in this year guys. The tent has been showing great guns this season and it has shown many that social commentary is not at all dead, at least not among the cast in the tent. The audiences all left with a look of content on their faces as they were greeted and thanked at the exits and I am sure might be wondering if there will be another show after Friday. To those patrons who attended I want to say a huge thank you.

I have spent many an hour lamenting about etiquette and attitudes and appearance within the workplace, but some just don’t seem to understand the reasoning behind it all. I say that it is the most important group of things when it comes to customer service.

I am at times cringing when I go to some offices and have to deal with the reception staff or go to a counter and have to suffer at the hands of the customer care representative. Pity they are title customer care reps, because they at times don’t seem to care.

Tell me if I am wrong in any way when I am finished giving you some of my recent experiences at the mercy of some of these customer service reps. Let me start with one when I went to purchase some product at a fairly well patronized establishment. I entered and said a hearty good afternoon and right there seated behind the glass partition was a lady on the phone doing what I thought might have been taking orders from a customer. Boy was I wrong as ever. Still while being ignored the conversation went on and on with a good old Bajan “yuh lie! That can’t be true at all girl! She aint do dah!” I had to ask myself if this was for real.

There I was waiting on service while girlfriend was entertaining or being entertained by who I suppose was her girlfriend too. I started to tap my feet and even sighed but that only resulted in more deep conversation on the phone. What was funny was when a lady came around behind her and asked me if I was getting through. I had to say to her it does not look that way. She said okay and went about her business as her workmate blabbered on. Just as I was about to sound my voice another lady came in and my dear lady then asked her in as Bajan as there is to ” deal wid’ he fuh muh.” You don’t have to ask how I was fuming.

I just wonder if these people ever understand that they are representing their work place and their bosses too. You may be a pig at some point but you should not extend the hoggish attitude to the innocent customer. Even if that customer is being a somewhat hard to deal with you should be the bigger person and the more mature and try not to sink to their level.

Once again you are not working for yourself. I am at times very amused at some of the things some people post on the social network about their work place or at times their boss. It may not seem like your boss is interested in the social networks but someone close to him or her is. I remember a lady who was asking me daily to assist her in attaining employment. Even though I was not the one to get her the job I was disappointed to see what she posted about hating her job and can’t wait to get out of the place. Imagine someone gave her a chance and she goes about trashing them. I spoke to her about this but only God knows if she was pleased. Not that I cared, but I just felt it was something that need to be addressed.

I always remember the likes of Mac Fingall and others giving talks to children about being the best they can be at whatever role they take on as far as career choices. Everyone can’t be the one at the desk answering the phones, nor can they be the one giving the orders, but still we need to respect the role. I know of a young man who for years I thought was in administration at a certain establishment only to see him one day cleaning the yard and washing the cars of staff members. He made sure he is always well attired in slacks and shirt and nice shoes when on the street, and I am sure that in seeing him go about his business anyone would want to employ him.

It reminds me of a certain dreadlock guy who in my opinion has been the most thorough person in customer service, and everyone I speak to says the same of him. He goes to the limit to make sure you are well taken care of and even though there may be a bit of a wait he tends to know how to make that wait seem shorter and as comfortable as ever. I had to tell him once that if I ever have a business that needs his services I will never hesitate in pulling him away from his present workplace.

I think too often we go for the well manicured individual to hold such post but forget the well mannered individual. The one who knows how to say good morning, good evening, good night and thank you and welcome and goodbye is often overlooked. I don’t believe a good weave and makeup will make up for some simple etiquette. We really have to look at the square pegs we put in circular positions. Since the age of Black Berry Smart Phones things are even worst. A lady in a popular 24 hour service station was messaging away on her phone one day as I came to the cash register. I spoke and was met with silence as she continued on her phone. Noticing this I said “excuse me, I would like to place an order please”. She replied “I can hear you, I aint got to look at you to hear you”. Totally impolite, and I know if I had to say a word of it to her boss she will be suspended as I know it is not a welcomed complaint he would like to deal with. I guess it comes down to training in most cases. I believe the Productivity Council offers help in that area. I am in the janitorial field, and I believe that one should always be the best in what they do. I tell my staff to never be like what they have to clean. Look smart; look clean and they will gain many an accolade as they are representative of their employer. I just hope some of the fancy face and fancy dressed out there would take note.

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