Focus on leadership

WAGGGS fostering knowledge and skills in young women

WAGGGS has been empowering girls and young women as leaders in their local communities, on the international stage and in their professional and volunteer lives for 100 years.

Leadership is at the core of the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting movement. It runs through everything we do, from succession planning for our member organisation’s national boards to empowering girls and young women to stand up and speak out on issues affecting them, to being a leader within one self to make positive choices.

Through Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, girls, young women and leaders are given the opportunity to realise their full potential and contribute to the development of their communities, nationally and globally.

Leadership in WAGGGS is a process by which knowledge, skills, values and attitudes are fostered, individuals empowered and the learning spirit within the organisation promoted and upheld.

Through leadership development individuals can develop:

* Interpersonal relationships

* Social influence processes

* Team dynamics.

The process of developing leaders starts at the time a girl joins the movement and interacts with other girls and the leaders, to the time when she is a leader herself.

The Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting experience gives girls and young women opportunities to grow their leadership skills through:

* Learning by doing or experiential learning – Each Girl Guide and Girl Scout is encouraged to try out stimulating activities and challenges and to evaluate both the result and the learning achieved through the activity.

* Progressive self-development, allowing each Girl Guide and Girl Scout to choose her route and proceed with the chosen activities at her own ability and pace.

* Patrol system – Founder of the movement, Robert Baden Powell, defined the patrol system as “a small natural grouping of six to eight persons under the leadership of one of themselves where each individual has an indispensable part to play” (team work). The patrol system encourages interaction with others, self expression and the development of joint and individual responsibility and democracy in action.

Special attention is given to nurturing the leadership potential in each individual and helping them to define their experiences as a leader through mentoring, coaching and active learning.

Leadership development in the Movement takes into account four key elements that are unique to the ethos of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, namely: Values-based; Non formal education; Inter-generational and; Cross cultural.

As active citizens and volunteers, leaders in WAGGGS are self-motivated and enthusiastic about their leadership roles.

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