Feting away the stress

They might have partied them away from 10 p.m. to sunrise during Phobia, the fifth in the series of fetes for 2012.

Brewster’s Road’s Corey Graham said the event went well and well attended and the party-goers were dancing to the songs of Mr. Dale, Sanctuary, Khiomal and Basil.

“No matter what you are scared in your life right now at Brewster’s Road Crew this Friday we are going to take away all that stress and get your ready for a big Crop-Over Season,” BRC said ahead of the fete.

This Friday night is H20 — The Encore Performance

“Last year you asked us for a water fete. We gave you H20. Your response was soooo overwhelming we decided to give you it to you again!

“This Friday night Brewster’s Road Crew presents — H2O — The Encore Performance! We have asked Lil Rick and Edwin Yearwood to come back too after their performance to bring us into July. So nice you have to do it twice,” BRC said.

There would be a water zone, a foam zone, the attire is beach wear and they are advising you to dress to get wet. Other performers include Villain and Fadda fox. (DS)

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