LIME digs in

telecoms company reaches out to christ church communities

Bringing back that good feeling – that was the object of the community activity spearheaded by the LIME Barbados Service Support & Delivery team when they rolled into the St. Christopher and Silver Sands, Christ Church districts recently.

Since 2008, one of the company’s major mandates of all its teams for each financial year has been to execute volunteer activities that will touch the lives of the people in the communities LIME serves. This year, the SSD team sought to utilise their skills to deliver that positive impact. It was all about what they do everyday.

This caravan of technical crews not only attracted the attention of the residents as they traversed the neighbourhood, but as planned they were also able to significantly reduce a number of the reported and unreported faults in the area, effect installations and generally assist customers with any service issues.

Peter Ince, LIME’s Head of Department for Service Support & Delivery said: “The overall focus of the company is to improve on the perception of our level of service, especially coming out of the NISE Survey released a few months ago.

“All our teams have been tasked with doing their part to drive real change for the business. As a department, we saw the opportunity to use our talents in the field, to combine this good customer service element with a voluntary community activity that we believed would go a long way in making that positive impact.”

Some of the volunteers did door-to-door checks with customers to chat about their service issues and to personally resolve any outstanding matters. This was well received by the residents who were available on the tour.

Ince added: “Our volunteer team included 25 technicians, the management of SSD and colleagues from supporting functions across the business like Customer Experience, Mobile Engineering and Retail. The plan is to continue this LIME in the Community activity quarterly for the 2012/13 financial year in a coordinated effort to dedicate a specific day to dispatch crews in a designated area where we have noticed a high level of fault reports.”

The popular LIME branded Marcy’s Bar in Silver Sands was transformed into an outdoor LIME location/command post for the day. There were Customer Experience representatives stationed at the post to address queries and to carry out any back office duties required to make the day a success for the teams deployed in the field.

There was also a retail element with great deals on handsets and mobile credit, along with LIMETV and Broadband sign ups on site.

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