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I recently attended a church service, where the minister brought across a very interesting point as he delivered his sermon. He spoke about the apostles and how Jesus sent them out two by two to spread his word, with nothing other than themselves.

He went on to question how it was that they were able to spread the word so far and wide just using themselves, while today we struggle to spread the word and we have access to all of this modern technology.

Today we have so many means of getting information across — social networks, instant messaging, email — all very much instant and carry no geographical boundaries. So one would think any message would easily make its rounds on the high speed cyber network — or would it?

Is it possible that now we have too many means of communications available to us? Could it be that too many “simple” forms of keeping in touch have all rolled together to become one large, heavy burden consisting of emails, text and instant messages? Have we now moved from “BlackBerry sheep” to “cyber mules” dragging along our heavy loads of updates and notifications?

I for one carry two smartphones (one personal, one for work) and I am also a user of several social apps — Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram to name a few — and I have recently had to decommissioned one as a social tool. They were times I found myself having two conversations with the same person via two different apps which was not only confusing at times, but also very annoying.

When was the last time you picked up the phone and chose to call the person you are trying to contact first, instead of sending an instant message? I personally am guilty of ignoring my personal mobile when I hear a notification alert, as I figure it’s just another person in one of the several Whatsapp groups and it turns out to be something else of important. And as you read this, you are probably nodding your head in agreement as you too have probably done something similar.

So in fact, we see how things that are supposed to simplify our lives sometimes make it more complicated, and instead of lifting the weight it sometimes adds more of a burden, sometimes almost a task or chore to keep everything up to date and in line.

I still am a big advocate of the use of technology to get a message across, to reach persons who, without its help, you could only dream about touching and reaching. But maybe, just maybe, the Father has a point, maybe we over-think and over-complicate things when an easier, simpler way is possible.

Maybe it’s just a need for balance I am missing, or just involved in too much, but I can agree that sometimes it can be overwhelming the amount of notifications and emails we receive. Is it something totally avoidable, or is it just a side effect that comes with today’s world? Who knows, hopefully this isn’t the beginning of the technical enslavement persons have predicted.

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