Stage set for war of words

Radcliffe Lewis.

ST JOHN’S — The calypso quarter finals, beginning tonight, should make for even more interesting competition now that the war of words between two of the country’s top calypsonians has reached boiling point.

The battle features reigning monarch Keithroy De Bear Morson and former holder of the title, Trevor Zacari King, who are tent-mates at Golden Eye Calypso Revue.

Zacari has described De Bear as an overrated artiste and accused him of stealing the melodies of other calypsonians.

“People have not been taking notice until it was drawn to attention a few nights back. And it is about time that people sit down and take stock of this,” Zacari urged.

His irritation was the result of De Bear allegedly saying “fuh me song like…” in reference to one of Zacari’s compositions for this year.

“Mek he produce the song that my song sound like. If you produce it, me drop it. I could produce any song I accuse him off,” Zacari said.

That finger-pointing invoked the ire of the reigning king, who called into The Snake Pit programme Wednesday night shortly after Zacari made his comments on the show.

“Wuh kind of fiction he ah try to create ’bout me a t’ief melody and all kind ah sumting. Me ah t’ief the melody and bang he wid um,” De Bear fired back.

The impassioned monarch said Zacari should be the last to talk about melody and has told him to name the time and place for a showdown.

“The same thing he ah sing over and over. You could sing all he song and them with the one melody he have. He might go and get an arranger to put a lickle horn here, horn there, but the same three chord melody yuh sing; same church hymn,” De Bear challenged. (Antigua Observer)

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