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For a 12-year-old, Tanya Eathakotti has extreme confidence.

She said she has never had a hole-in-one, but continued: “I’m waiting for it. It will come. I’m guaranteeing that.”

With all that time on the golf course, it would appear her grades certainly must suffer. Not exactly.

“I do okay,” she said. “I had one B that I was trying to pull up. The rest were A’s.”

She even creates time for other activities. After the golf season, she played basketball at Carrollton. And just to take care of any leftover spare time, “I’m reading the Harry Potter series for the 11th time right now. That’s how much I like it.”

Eathakotti was born in Kalamazoo, Mich., and her family moved to Naples when she was one, and then to Miami when she was two. Her parents are from India, and she has visited there twice but never played golf there.

Whether it’s golf, teammates, school, basketball or Harry Potter, there has always been a constant for her — the wise, advice-giving mentor and coach, 78 year-old Barbadian golf pro, Mike Simmons.

“I’ve been with Mike the longest, and he has taught me the most,” Eathakotti said. “He’s special.” (Miami Herald)

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