Cross is coming

It’s Tyler Perry like you’ve never seen him before — and no, I’m not talking about Madea’s Witness Protection.

In case you haven’t heard, because I certainly have and am almost salivating for it, Tyler Perry is the new Alex Cross.

I have a colleague who reads everything by James Patterson. Actually, there might not be a book Patterson has written that she has not read and she swears by Cross. As for me, I know the character, though not as in depth as she does, and have read enough to know Alex Cross. That being said, you just have to see the trailer for this thing – awesome does not even begin to describe the cuts.

If you perhaps live under a rock and have never heard of Alex Cross, he is a six-foot-three star of numerous James Patterson novels. He is a Ph.D. graduate with a degree in psychology with an emphasis on abnormal and forensic psychology. He’s married with children, weighs 200 pounds and lives in DC. Did I mention he is a profiler? In short, this is one impressively brilliant man.

The plot of the upcoming saga is based on Cross’ pursuit of a serial killer who apparently murders, by torture, someone close to Cross. What follows is a game of cat and mouse that pushes Cross ever closer to that moral and professional edge.

When I saw the poster I had to look twice. Then of course, the next step as usual is to look at the names behind the flick and when I saw it was Tyler Perry I had to do a double take. The first thing that came to mind was Madea, then Why Did I Get Married?, both parts and finally, Diary of A Mad Black Woman, and I had to admit I could not see Perry as Cross.

In my reading up on the thing, I even came across a guy who commented: “NOTHING but respect for Tyler Perry. I don’t like his movies but respect for me has nothing to do with rather I like what you do it has to do with what you accomplish. He is the master of his domain. God bless him. That said, Tyler Perry as Alex Cross? God, no. When he goes under cover is it as a woman?”

And then, like me, after seeing the trailer, the same guy blogged again: “I just watched the trailer… I may be wrong, I was once.”

I have to agree with him, about the characterisation of Cross in the early clips. The cuts they show actually give you another side of Perry, a darker one surely; a more physical one, definitely – but one that makes you raise your eyebrows in early approval.

It’s directed by Rob Cohen (If you’re a real movie buff you’ll recognise him at least as an actor]; and it stars people like Edward Burns, Matthew Fox and Rachel Nichols. Again not tremendously huge names, but I’ll give them a go because the trailer is dope!

I can’t believe I have to wait until October 19 before it hits theatres, although it could be a very good early birthday present. It seems just the thing to look forward to in what’s coming in cinema.

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