Nigerian gov't officials to pay their own way

Mallam Abdullahi Bolaji.

ABUJA — Nigerian officials may have set the tone for government officials around the world who want to take in the imminent London Olympics at the expense of taxpayers.

Minister of Sports and Chairman National Sports Commission, Mallam Abdullahi Bolaji has said that any government official – Senator, House of Representative member, governors and other political office holders who would wish to watch the games in London should sponsor his or herself for the games.

He assured that there would be no room for “jamboree” which had been the usual practice in the past where government officials with little or nothing to do at sporting events were dispatched to attend, thereby constituting nuisance in most cases and also end up distracting the athletes.

According to him, the unprecedented move by President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration was aimed at cutting cost and ensuring that Team Nigeria would do well during the games.

“It is aimed at ensuring that we have value for what we are doing. Any governor or top government officials outside of the participating teams seen at the London Olympics will certainly not have travelled on federal government ticket. Because there would be no official government delegation apart from the athletes and their officials, that is what the federal council means. But whoever wants to watch the games live in London can sponsor him or herself if he or she has the means,” Bolaji said.

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