Rowell donates to welfare of children

along with contribution, rowell also gave motivational talks to children homes

One of the stars of the popular television series, the Young and Restless has used the power of her Children of the Caribbean Foundation charity, to enhance the wellbeing and welfare of a number of children in Barbados.

Victoria Rowell, who played the part of Drucilla Winters, is currently in the island, with three other members of the foundation, to give motivational talks to the children of Sterling Children’s Home and Farrs Children’s Home, as well as to contribute tangible items for school and to Sterling.

Rowell, who was also a foster child, told Barbados TODAY, this afternoon at Hilton Barbados Resort, where she is a guest, that she was using her background as an actor and writer to share this expertise with the child welfare practitioners in the country.†The acclaimed author of the New York best selling book, The Women That Raised Me, said she was asked by the charity to come here and share her expertise in fine art and her personal story of growing up in foster care for 18 years.

“It is something that I am proud of… I was fortunate to give a lecture to the children since I’ve been here, to talk about how it’s not how you got here, but what you do when you get here,” asserted the writer of a new book The Secrets Of A Soap Opera.

She has also been talking about the importance of education, fine arts and sports.Currently on her second trip to Barbados in 20 years, the Young and Restless star said she has been working in child welfare across the globe and is a national spokesperson in the US, as well as a long time advocate for legislative change in foster care and adoption.

As a result of that, she has been regularly requested to visit groups or give her take on child welfare internationally.

“I try to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening globally in child welfare and what changes we could collaborate on that would benefit change,” announced Rowell.

She said she was very impressed with the child welfare system in Barbados and showered praise on the Child Care Board.†Pointing to a strong interest in the arts and culture and sports in this island, the actor also expressed delight at meeting Barbados’ only living National Hero as well as sporting icon, Sir Garfield Sobers during a function at The Plantation Garden Theatre.

“We were very impressed with all the attention to sports, and all the therapeutic … thinking opportunities for children, specifically foster children, and also fine arts, because the evening was buttoned with fine arts, with the beautiful performance by the dancers/singers artisans that performed at The Plantation,” recalled Rowell. (EJ)

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