PHD, don’t insult us!

There are a few things that “get my goat” and one of them is when people try to take advantage of others and another is when they try to “pull the wool” over my eyes.

I saw a 3/4 page advertisement in the newspaper stating†Return of a Classic†followed by the sub-heading, We listened to you and now the classic is back in a brand new package! – Enjoy. Turning to my daughter I quipped, I now will buy PHD Milk again. Instantly my thoughts went back to when they first introduced that “Fancy” milk that didn’t need to be refrigerated before opening and had a super long shelf life, they told the consuming public that it was the same milk and there is no need for alarm its just the process that had changed and this was in keeping with new technology etc. — but the milk tasted different and nobody could fool me it was the same.

Nevertheless I went to Super Centre supermarket to get my box of classic milk for personal taste testing and was outraged at the price†$7.99 †for the one litre box, I went to the cashier to check the price and it was true†$7.99.†I put it right back and walked out. Are you kidding me Pine Hill Dairy?†

If you have to alter your packaging to stay on the Trinidad market, fine but don’t send us the bill. Bajan consumers have been taken for a ride for far too long; we are not doltish so don’t insult us with that price point. You can do much better than that.

We are asked to boycott Trinidadian products if they refused to trade fairly and we were ready to fight beside you; now I am calling on all Barbadians to fight against you if we don’t get better and fair prices. If we consumers don’t represent ourselves by exercising our powerful right to withhold from purchasing a product, manufacturers, distributors and retailers will if given the chance, exploit us. †

I turned to goat’s milk back when you changed to the “Fancy” milk and Pine Hill Dairy you will not get my†$7.99†for that Fresh†Pasteurized†’classic’ milk!

— Merlan Yarde

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