My blessed Redeemer

Lord you are my strength and my song,

I’LL sing praises unto you all the day long.

The truth of your word changes me from inside out,

You are the refuge and stronghold of my life there’s no doubt.

Life has become a battle and the walls are closing in,

I trust you completely God although I can see no end.

There is no time to be discouraged or cry out defeat,

With your mighty right hand God you will save me.

Although I am in this valley of desolation,

I know you are the God of my salvation.

You are my shelter as the storm is raging about,

The obstacles before me boldly I will Walk through-out.

Your word burns with-in me with truth and hope,

I put my trust in you Lord, even at the end of this rope.

With God by my side all things I can endure,

For you are my Blessed Redeemer and in your word I rest secure.

— Patty Faye Locklear

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