Know your limit!

I roll over onto an unfamiliar pillow case; I jump up to unfamiliar surroundings. I sit quietly for a while, wondering where I could be and how I got here. The last thing that I can remember is singing along to some Kanye West song while I did my best fist-pump and drank another vodka and cranberry juice.

“Did things get that out of hand last night?” I ask myself.

I don’t remember much about the night, just knew that I had a blast for my birthday. I sit there and continue to ponder quietly. I struggle to remember anything. Damn alcohol!!

Sooo, it’s summer, so you must have had one of those lovely nights already. You know, one of those nights were you get so roast that you can’t remember much the next day… Well, it happens to the best of us, we just need to be sure that it never happens again, well, I mean, unless you did it intentionally. But, that’s another story altogether…

We need to know when we have reached our limit and know that it’s time to hit the government juice, fruit juice, or soft drinks from then onwards. Let’s not make it a habit to get fairly roasted, let’s know our limit and enjoy summer!


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