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LIME working to address issues affecting customers

LIME Internet customers are being assured that engineers are working around-the-clock to address a number of issues which are impacting customers in Barbados.

Chief Engineer Glenn Thorpe says technical issues have been exacerbated by a cable break on one of our major Internet cable routes into the United States. As a result, customers have been experiencing intermittent browsing on the Internet.

This problem is being experienced across the Caribbean as the break has originated from one of the sources of our Internet feeds from outside the LIME infrastructure.

Thorpe said: “The cable break is beyond LIME’s network and we are working with our global partner to determine the best method to fully restore service to our regional customers. The LIME team will continue to work diligently to ensure that the matter receives the highest priority.”

LIME is also investigating other issues presently affecting the internet service in Barbados. Some of these are customer-related while others may be linked to the network. LIME says that they have been addressing these issues on an individual basis but some customers are continuing to experience slow browsing speeds and intermittent connection which may be linked to the cable break.

While the majority of LIME’s customers continue to enjoy stable and reliable Internet service, to those who are not, the company says that they are committed to ensuring that each one can get back to the optimal Internet experience. This can only be achieved when all the effects of the break are identified and addressed and they are able to zero in on any outstanding issues other than those related to the cable break.

“LIME is disappointed that the service interruption has come at this time when they have made a significant investment in increasing bandwidth for most of its customers.

The company regrets the inconvenience to customers. Internet customers had been upset that LIME had not publicly said anything about their complaints in addition to a $10 charge which was being imposed this month.†(EJ)

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