I’ll keep you in my prayers

When you were a baby;

I held you all so close.

I kissed your little cheeks;

I kissed your little nose.

I taught you how to sing.

I held you on the swing.

I taught you how to pray.

I taught you many things.

When you were a toddler;

As cute as you could be.

I taught you the bible;

You sang Jesus loves me.

On your first day of school;

I hugged you, oh so tight.

A tear ran down my cheek;

I prayed you’d be alright.

When it was time to sleep;

I’d lay beside you.

I’d talk about Jesus;

Until our time was through.

When you became a tween;

Sometimes I felt afraid.

I’d lay in bed at night;

I prayed and prayed and prayed.

“Lord please protect my child;

Help her make the right choice.”

The Lord heard my prayers;

I would sing and rejoice.

Then there were your teen years;

You made some choices then;

That were not very wise;

But soon you turned from them.

I never ceased to pray;

That the Lord would shield you.

I prayed from day to day;

That He would strengthen you.

Now you are a woman;

You’re living for the Lord.

You are heavens blessing;

I pray you’ll touch the World.

With God’s love and kindness;

With gentle hands that give.

But yet standing strong;

And willing to forgive.

Thank-you for the blessings;

Throughout these many years.

You are full of sunshine;

I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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